Come to me and I will love you

by Kambrie Kriegshauser

Come to me and I will love you. I will make mistakes and then hope that you love me too. We will trip on everything that is bitter and everything that is sweet. Let’s make music by the way we breathe and warm the earth with our exhale. May the moon change and may I sway along with its pull because I can obey what is bigger than me. What choice do I have but to love my chains and everything that binds me to struggle. The feelings I hold and pull are either by choice or a biological need to find and void and squeeze in. Find me and we will go to the same place we started to see it, know it, as something entirely new but in a voice you know well. Round and round we will go, circling exact circumferences.

A giggle is as good as a laugh depending on what you expected from what you said or did. twirl. art is so lovely because it reminds us that maybe when we die something goes on. if something doesn’t come from nothing then that which moves me has a source that is inevitable, infinite, and mine.

About the Author:
Kambrie likes it when an ant walks by carrying something bigger than itself. She likes to write as a way to check in with reality- a sort of spin-cycle to get stains off thoughts. She wants to plant gardens on top of roofs and sign for the Deaf at concerts. Kambrie aspires to reflect all of your best qualities.

Mood Projects

Being Human on Earth

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