Ricky & Wanda

Ricky and Wanda went to New York City on a marching band trip. They had not hung out before, but on the trip they hung out every day. They had no feelings for each other, but on the trip they developed them. The trip lasted nine days, the band performed three times.

On the third to last day, Wanda felt close to Ricky and told him “I want to lose my virginity soon!” and then she noticed something and stopped herself –

So Ricky would not have ideas, she added: “…but I want to lose it to a boy that is experienced.” That was not, necessarily, the truth. “I am experienced!” Ricky said, lying in-between his teeth, and Wanda was surprised.

Thirty minutes later, Ricky told Wanda’s roommate, Emma Stone, that he would hook her up with good weed back in North Dakota if she left the room for the night, which was not necessarily true, if only because Ricky did not know how to distinguish good weed from bad weed, and never would. Emma did not know either but would later learn. She left the room for the night and Ricky snuck in.

It was all entirely consensual, awkward for both parts, and not very good for either of them, save for the part when Ricky came, for Ricky, and when Ricky slowed down, towards the middle-end, for Wanda. Later, Ricky went into insurance and Wanda became a flight attendant.

Ricky had sex with 9 other women in his life besides Wanda, totaling 10 sexual partners, and sex was similar across the board, except for Woman #7, that stuck a finger in Ricky’s butt, which Ricky liked very much but never experienced again, due to embarrassment and a lack of curiosity.

Wanda had sex with 27 men (besides Ricky) and 5 women in her life, totaling 33 sexual partners, where 9 of them were out-standing, 11 were terrible and the rest were unremarkable, which was precisely where Ricky fell.

After their trip to New York, Wanda occasionally thought about Ricky’s smell, which was, really, just the smell of intimacy; two bodies slipping up against each other.

Ricky remembered Times Square, a place he found both garish and beautiful, and a place he would, inexplicably and obviously, visit again.

About the Author:

Tadeu Bijos eats gluten, feels tired, takes naps and will believe in anything you tell him because of the movies. This is a good thing until proven otherwise, and then until proven otherwise. He talks his shit on twitter @jtbijos.


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