MOOD Music: People for Peace

As messages of violence and terror flood our news feeds, our thoughts are filled with more and more fear. In times of pain it feels easier to close ourselves off and blame others, but that only breeds more suffering, more separation, more violence. We must join together in order to break this cycle. We must push forward together, and fight for human unity by listening openly and loving expansively.  We must push for a movement of peace and indivisibility because that is the only way we will break the vicious cycle. We have put together a Peace Playlist, as an ode to all the lives lost to violence, oppression, and acts of hate, and to offer perspective, hope  and motivation for the unified future we are fighting for.

As a way for us to join together, we have made this  a collaborative playlist. So we hope that you add your own tunes that inspire you on your own journey to hope and healing.



Ryley Schlachter

Designer. Gardener. Photographer. Mind Wanderer. Adventurer. Seeker. Gemini.

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