MOOD Music: The Snaz

Sensitive Man is our third album, second full length. I think it really shows how far we’ve come since our E.P “The Snaz”. Our songs used to be pretty straight up pop rock, songs like “Anna”. I’m grateful for those times because they got people interested, got them humming along to catchy tunes, etc. However, I’m so pumped that “Sensitive Man” is out, I feel like its the end of my childhood or something, the teenage years. I’ve been in The Snaz since 8th grade…And in a way our three albums document my teen years. I think the rest of the band would agree. The Snaz has been our lives for all of young-adulthood.

Anyhow, Sensitive Man is way more interesting sonically and song-structure wise. It’s our first album we produced all by ourselves! We went to Sonelab in Easthampton, Massachusetts and worked with an amazing engineer Justin. (He’d just recently recorded Parquet Courts!!) He totally got our sound and was open to any crazy ideas (including a backwards guitar solo at the end of “Summer Underground”).

So in so many words, Sensitive Man is a sensitive while rough album taking The Snaz to adulthood.

Check it out below!


About the Author:
I’m Dharma Ramirez, 19 and a singer songwriter. I started writing music and learning guitar in 8th grade, about 13/14 and ended up forming The Snaz. The stars aligned when I found amazing bandmates: Zack, Nina and Mavis. We’ve been working together ever since. Currently I live in Brattleboro, Vermont and work at a vegan cafe. Interests/traits include art (wow I feel like I’m writing an online dating profile), crystals, herbalism, adventure, music, introvertedness, cozy blankets and cute boys. Oh! I also really enjoy dark humor.


Mood Projects

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