I usually never tag locations when I post photos — I think it distracts the viewers away from the actual subject and I don’t find it to be useful information. It’s also a way for me to celebrate how every corner of the world can be special without judgement or prejudice. I want people to appreciate what they’re seeing for what it is instead of labeling. I decided to bring a black & white roll of film with me on the trip to capture the rawness and realness of the place rather than showing the paradise/white sand beaches/perfect vacation spot kind of imagery, like “don’t you wish you were here right now??” (which we are bombarded with!! it can be annoying at times haha). I only shot locals living their everyday lives, people working at a resort cleaning away the seaweed on the beach, locals swimming in the ocean with their clothes on, cows eating grass or goats chilling on the side of the road.




About the Artist:

Mai C. Miyazaki is a 26 year old, half-French & half-Japanese girl living in Japan.
To see more of Mai’s photography you can follow her on Instagram @maiviewfinder and at

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Being Human on Earth

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